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XXX Tube
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Examiner's Note: As the National Military Examiner in excess of six years, the increased cases of military men and police officers starting child pornography is alarming. The Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and untold amounts of investigators in local agencies battle to keep ahead of the game on this vast underground network. Prosecution and punishment of these crimes varies widely.

In Touch magazine reported August 26 that Josh Duggar, who recently checked in to a rehab facility following a Ashley Madison cheating scandal, allegedly looked for Danica Dillon at two separate Pennsylvania strip clubs in mid-March and mid-April where she was performing. According to Dillon, he first approached her and told her he was a fan and then spent $600 on lap dances with your ex. He then asked how he could spend the evening along with her.

Their Dark Passenger has again awakened. Their bodies shake as they key in some risky search request that their addiction asks to view and then they may be thrown in to a sea of porn vomit. Their conscious self understands it is wrong yet they're powerless at that stage to stop themselves. At this point, while using Dark Passenger now firmly in the driving seat in the situation, they then willingly go ahead and take power using their higher selves and provide it for their lower. They entertain the wrong and overlook the right - travelling to the dark and outside the light.

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